WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START FIERCE BROADS? I have been a physical therapist for over 20 years and have my own business here in Boulder called Aussie PT. Many of my clients complain of injuries that prevent them from exercising the way they would like, others have body aches and pains due to being too sedentary. Both these groups lose their confidence in their ability to return to their previous level of activity, and active lifestyle. My goal in starting Fierce Broads was to guide support, cajole, encourage, motivate and empower these women back to enjoying being active fit and happy. A group setting enhances motivation, and friendly competition pushes us out of our comfort zones to reach goals beyond our expectations. I wanted to create a relaxed safe supportive community of women where I could share my love of being fit and active, and teach others how to achieve…Continue Reading
What inspired you to start Three Tarts? After 10 years working as an Interior designer I was feeling pretty burnt-out and started looking for another creative field to dive into. I‘ve always loved the art of pastry, and the almost giddy emotions (for me anyway) evoked by truly delicious desserts. After going to culinary school and gaining some experience in the field, I decided to combine my love of design with my love of pastry and opened a small boutique selling baked goods and also giftware. Where is your store located? The Plaza Food Hall in New York’s Iconic Plaza Hotel. We are grateful to be one of the dozen or so food establishments of this very unique and beautiful retail space. What inspires you? Color, presentation, relationships with customers. People light up when they walk into a bakery and take a peak in the pastry case. It’s amazing watching…Continue Reading
Vinyasa with Sarah Only $8! Please join us Monday evenings 7-8p for an in-store yoga class. We will be practicing a Vinyasa style of yoga. Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga which links your movement to your breath. The class is set to music and will help you build strength, increase your flexibility and find your focus. All levels are welcome, if you want to make your practice more challenging or more gentile, options will be made available. Our instructor:: Sarah Lems Sarah loves yoga for the way it makes her feel on the indside and out, and wants to help others find that same feeling. She practices yoga because of the way it has changed her outlook on life, allowing her to find the pause between stimulus and response in order to make intelligent choices in her daily life. Sarah approaches her teaching in a very nurturing, supportive,…Continue Reading
Women’s Ski Demo Days at Loveland You can find us at the base of the Loveland Ski Area lodge, the first Thursday of every month! What’s so special about outdoor DIVAS demo ski days? You may be wondering, why all the hype? Our ski demos are awesome, and here’s why: We bring EVERY ski we carry in EVERY size. That means you can show up to one of our demo days, try every ski your heart desires and find the one and only for you. Every ski is different and reviews can only go so far to help you find a ski that fits you not the other way around.  All you need is a pair of boots, poles and a license! On the day of the demo you will be asked to fill out a liability waiver. If you prefer to fill it out online you can download it here. When: First Thursday of…Continue Reading
Sarah will be teaching our SNOvember yoga classes on November 7th and November 9th in our Boulder store at 8am! The Snovember yoga for skiers classes will focus on all the muscles that skiers use:  calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, shoulders, even your feet!  You can use this sequence of yoga poses to stay flexible and help strengthen your skiing muscles. No yoga experience is necessary to join in on the fun. For more information: http://www.outdoordivas.com/SNOvember-Event-Yoga-for-Skiers/PADIIBOBPBOKJINM/Product A bit about Sarah… Sarah loves yoga for the way it makes her feel on the inside and out, and wants to help others find that same feeling. She practices yoga because of the way it has changed her outlook on life, allowing her to find the pause between stimulus and response in order to make intelligent choices in her daily life. Sarah used to be a software engineer and saw life as very black or white,…Continue Reading
Hands down, buying season is one of the most exciting times of the year ( ok…second to ski season…but a close second)! I’m just back from outdoor retailer, and reeling with inspiration from all of the new companies and products overflowing the walls of the Salt Palace. A couple of the biggest trends from summer market… TRENDS IN THE OUTDOOR INDUSTRY Electronics outside No unplugging required to go outside these days.  Electronics can, apparently, do everything for you in the great outdoors these days. You can track how far, fast and high you go.  Plot your course on a map, topo or satellite style. Check the weather, locate stars. Monitor your heart rate, calculate the calories you’re burning, and listen to music if you so desire. And all the while, use a solar charger to charge your device in a waterproof case, that is touch screen active. Made in America. …Continue Reading
The beauty of the  Brooks Adrenaline ASR running shoe is it goes both ways! How often do you have to run on the road to get to the trail. Pretty much every day… right?  A quarter of a mile, a half a mile…what ever the distance…it adds up.  If you’re just wearing a trail shoe you’re sacrificing on the cushioning your body wants. Yet, if you wear a road shoe, you’re apt to find yourself slip sliding down the trail.  Enter the ASR from Brooks. You get cushioning for the road, traction for the trail…and a water resistant outer to keep you dry. We think it’s one of the most versatile women’s running shoe on the market. There’s nothing quite like lacing up for a cool morning run in the fall. Shop >
After Glow by Philips Sweetgrass Productions has done it again with their soon to be released “After Glow.” It’s the very first film that’s shot COMPLETELY in the dark. Yes ladies and gentlemen, complete and utter darkness. It was sponsored by Philips to go beyond the ordinary and holy cow did they succeed in a big way (warning: goosebumps my ensue). Powder fields are filled with a sea of rainbows to highlight the beauty of the skier and their surroundings in the lands of British Columbia and Alaska. It’s worth a watch. So check it out! For more information on the film: http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/media/film/The-Media-Is-the-Message.html