Check out all the new summer dresses from Prana, Patagonia, Stonewear Designs, Nuu-Muu, Skirt Sports and Lole!

Nuu-Muu running dressLadies it is time to show a little leg and pull out those cute summer dresses and running skirts. We have tons of fun and practical dresses and skirts in for summer. Prana and Lole have great colors and prints, while Stonewear Designs and Patagonia rank high with function and style.

How about a running dress? Nuu-Muu and SkirtSports have the sporty dress dialed. Skirt Sports’ WonderGirl Running Dress is a flattering and fun piece to wear on the trail, at the gym, or just running around town on a relaxing day. This dress is packed with fun features like the CleavageAlley pocket that can hold gels, a key, and more. Nuu-Muu, aka the “new Muumuu” is light and airy, and come in really cute patterns. Both provide versatility and wicking fabrics, so you can go from chic to sweaty, and back again without a hitch.

Maybe a dress is too much, how about a sporty fitness skirt? It sure makes that happy hour run a whole lot more entising when you can end at a bar feeling cute and sassy. Go ahead try it, run like a girl.