Women’s cycling club member shares of her 1st group road ride experience

Goals for the event: Get out of town and get our legs moving!

This was my first ride with the Outdoor Divas cycling group; it was nice showing up at Amante to see a couple women with their brightly colored Divas jerseys (was nervous that I might not be able to find the group haha). There was a short discussion on where we should ride and than we were off! We headed out on Highway 36 (North bound) and road through part of the Duathlon course which was fun as people were whizzing by at race pace. The four of us stayed in a pretty tight pace line all the way to Nelson Rd but were able to chat and get to know each other a bit. When we got to Nelson we turned East and had a fun time cruising all the way to 73rd and through Hygiene. We than crossed over Highway 66 and went around the time trial loop which felt good as we were going at a fast but comfortable clip. When we got back to highway 66 and began to head West back towards the turn off to Rabbit Mountain I was feeling pretty spent.

We made it to the turn off and I road with the gals for another couple miles before I decided to turn around. We paused for some snacks and a good drink of water and all I could think about was the ride back on 36! The other ladies thought it would be a good idea for me to head back so we parted, they gave me some directions (not too hard 🙂 and I headed back. 36 was hard but I made it back to Amante in a little over an hour! I was sooooo tired I immediately went to Bacco (that is what kept me going, the thought of pasta) and had lots of bread, salad and and ravioli which was wonderful!!!

I didn’t see any of the ladies come back through but I got an email from Meredith that night making sure I got home okay. My first ride was great! It was fun, exciting, and challenging all in one and I want to thank the ladies for being very supportive! Can’t wait to get back in the saddle tonight!

Cheers, Sara

Event Name: Saturday Ride Event

Date: 6/4/11

Event Location: Amante start

Course: Highway 36 to Hygiene, Time Trial Loop, Rabbit Mountain, back on Highway 36. App. 50 miles

Weather: Amazing and perfect (sunny but not too hot)

Teammates participating: Me (Sara), Mickey, Meredith, Melissa

outdoor DIVAS cycling club
. An all women’s road riding club in the Boulder area.