Keeping you stylish off & on the slopes!

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “Apres-Ski,” you are in for a treat! This is a french word that translates into ‘after skiing’, referring to going out, having drinks, and socializing after a long day on the slopes. Similar to the 19th hole in golf, skiers will dress in their ski gear and tend to the bars, even before they reach the base of the mountain! We know all of you ladies out there enjoy a nice glass of vino, beer, or simply a cocktail after a long day on the slopes, and here is our list of clothing, gear, and attitude for you to perfect your apres-ski skills!

1. Be confident! No matter what you are wearing, be sure that you are confident in all of your gear. No fidgeting with your hair because the helmet makes it flat… put on a beanie and enjoy the fact that you are having a drink after a days hard work tearing up the mountain. It’s always great to keep a beanie in your pocket if you don’t like having helmet-hair post skiing. One of our favorites is the outdoorDIVAS Tina Hat! Wearing a beanie will help you to feel more confident, and ensures that having a bad hair day is never the case!

2.  Comfortable Boots that make you want to dance all day. One thing’s for sure, having a comfortable ski or snowboard boot can completely make or break your post-ski plans. We recommend a ski boot like the Lange Exclusive Delight Pro, which features a walking mode and ski mode, perfect for apres-ski, or a boot with a super soft interior, such as the Head Dream 10. 5! This boot has a fleece lining that keeps your toes toasty and easy open/close buckles to eliminate the struggle of getting in & out of your boots. If your feet aren’t comfy while you ski, then having a drink at the end of the day sure won’t be as satisfying as you thought! 

3. Baselayer, Baselayer, Baselayer! All you need this season is a great baselayer that also dubs as a fashionable apres-ski top. Whether its a cute Rossignol top by JCC or an Icebreaker mid-layer in fun colors, you are going to want a top that keeps you both warm and chic in the lodge or at the bar! Check out this Oasis Crew Scroll from Icebreaker— a cute top that you don’t have to worry about smelly after all your hard work on the mountain. 

4. HAVE FUN! Whether this is your first or fifteenth time enjoying a drink in your apres ski gear, simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment!!