You know that feeling of losing your favorite accessory? For instance, your favorite hat… It’s horrible, right? People’s hats are clearly very personal to them. This is why Pistil hats, a small company dedicated to designing quality knit hats from Hood River, Oregon is entering their 9th year of business… and still growing!


How did it start? Simply by looking around and asking: What is needed? “The fun stuff that we all wanted wasn’t out there yet,” says Tood Douglass, Partner of Pistil Designs (pictured above). The foundation of the company came from providing women with a variety of options who are looking for fun and colorful accessories that are infused with subtle details. The growth of the company is very exciting for Tood – they have gradually added scarves, headbands, hoodies, neck pieces, belts, and men’s hats which started a few years ago.

Pistil hats are clean, fresh and sassy while still accessible and sophisticated for everyday wear. Tood likes to think that Pistil hats bring a boutique flavor to a woman’s sporty lifestyle. “It’s about women finding the right hat to fit their personality and their face.” While it may be a process, there is a perfect Pistil hat for YOU.

Pistil hats strive to perfect the art of designing its accessories by drawing inspiration from all sorts of places. For example, traveling and talking to friends about what they like, need and want. This personal communication is what drove the Pistil hat business; that and designing a hat for every occasion and outfit!

Above all, Pistil hats wants to stay focused on their unique, lively and quality accessories. Above all else, Pistil hats embody a personality of being true to who they are, and working with people in a casual, personal and easy way.

Pistil hats

Women who love beautiful places like Colorado and Oregon are those who are ready to enjoy the great outdoors, while sporting one Pistil hat at a time! All you DIVAS have to check out the Pistil hats we love at: