It’s that time of year again, and we’re not just referring to the beautiful summer sunshine, it’s triathlon season! With the summer heat quickly approaching,  you better start adjusting your training schedule so that you miss the heat peaks of the day.

Being a beginner triathlete myself,  I have begun reading training articles and preparing myself for what I believe will be the most physically challenging thing I have put my body through in years.  Not only does training for a triathlon require time and energy, but it also means stocking up on the right gear, mentally preparing yourself for the transitions, and being sure that you continue to train even when the weather is so damn hot you’re not sure if you can stand being outside! That’s why the swim section is first, right?? So you can cool you’re body off before beginning that 30/50/100 mile ride!

1). Set a Goal: This goal could simply be to finish the race without stopping, finish it no matter what, or you could have set time goals for each section.  What’s my goal, you ask? My goal is to FINISH! Setting these goals will help you decide how much you need to train before race day.

2). Know your personal limits:  You have to be careful to stick to your training plan, and not get caught up with what your buddy is doing.  Just because your friends are running 8 minute miles does NOT mean that pace is going to work for you. You are the best judge of your body, and if you can’t push yourself any further, take a break.

3).  Practice your Transitions: It’s surprising how long transitions takes. No one really thinks about it, but changing from swimming to biking and biking to running shoes isn’t an easy feat. Every second of your race counts and if you waste time trying to tie your shoes, you may get lost and lose precious time.

4). Use the Right Gear: While you can run in your running shoes, having elastic shoelaces that you pull up (Yanks is a popular brand), will help you shave time off your transitions. It’s these little details that people overlook during their first race. A few other essential products you should look into before race day are: Body Glide, Yanks, Multi-Sport Bottoms, Multi-Sport Top (to wear during the swim, ride, and run) and sunscreen!

5). Have Fun! While finding the motivation to train can be difficult at times, the adrenaline rush you have on race day will make all of your hard work well worth it! The most important training tip for your first triathlon is to HAVE FUN!

The outdoorDIVAS Triathlon is a women’s only event put on by Without Limits Productions. The 5th Annual Outdoor Divas Sprint Triathlon is the perfect all women’s event.  Over the last 3 years this race has attracted beginners, veterans’ and pro’s all competing together with a small and friendly race feel. This event is limited to 450 competitors and sells out each year! As of June 19th, 2012 there are 65 spots left!!!