Hey gals, looking to beat the heat with a fresh new look? Say no more! Whether you are a dashing diva

or a triathlon temptress, staying cool is the name of the game this summer. Skirt Sports has everything
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Besides being a local company, SkirtSports has earned their claim to fame by outfitting the most athletic
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Looking to catch some air in your running flare? Throw on any of the Skirt Sports running skirts, all
equipped with either bikini bottoms or shorts, and best of all, air flow! The Marathon Chick will best
serve the sassy diva who’s looking to show off her long legs, all while driving the boys wild! And what
about the girl wanting something a little longer, you ask? Skirt Sports has still got you covered! The Gym
Girl is the perfect length to complete a great workout then hit the grocery store or run errands around
town, all while feeling great in your running gear! As for the more conservative lady, check out the
Happy Girl Skirt. Longest in length, the Happy Girl will keep you feeling confident and classy all day long!

And of course we didn’t forget about our triathlon ladies, either. Skirt Sports has an entire triathlon line,
from the Multisport Bottoms, equipped with very thin padding for easy transition from water to bike,
to the Multisport Top. Feeling like you need a little something to throw on over your shorts for the
running portion? Fear not, lady athletes! Just slip on a Skirt Sports Race Belt Skirt and you are G2G (go
to go)! So remember ladies, whether you are running your very first mile or your hundredth marathon,
SkirtSports has something for you to be inspired and feel great in from start to finish!

Run Like A Girl!