The Verdict is IN! Today we polled our Facebook Fans to see which color Patagonia Pelage Jacket they preferred on Julie. And the winner is…. A! The Patagonia Pelage Jacket in Grey!

Got an inkling for vintage fashion? Look no further! Patagonia hooks it up with style
and performance with this season’s Patagonia Pelage Jacket! Made with a curly fleece exterior,
this jacket is sure to make a statement as strong as the lady who wears it! The Patagonia
Pelage Jacket will set you apart with its chic hip length, high collar, and asymmetrical
closure. Thinking this jacket might not do the trick in the cold winter months? Well
think again, ladies! Not only does the Patagonia Pelage Jacket look great, but it will also
keep you warm with its fully-lined wind-proof performance material!