Like many companies, Skirt Sports began as just a thought, an idea, a mere dream in

the mind of a talented individual with the passion to create something that’s never been

done before. Founder and CEO Nicole DeBoom, a professional triathlete and all around
badass, caught a glimpse of herself mid-run and noticed she looked more like a boy than
her unique and feminine self. And with that, an idea was sparked and the concept of
Skirt Sports was born!

As with any fresh idea, the product first needed to be put to the test of a totally fierce
athlete, right? Well, in 2004, Nicole got down and dirty in a prototype of the very first
running skirt at Ironman Wisconsin, which managed to turn heads as onlookers were
stunned by the sight. As she competed in this grueling competition, people began
cheering for her by yelling “Go, Skirt!” as she raced thru the finish line to claim the first
place title!

Fresh off her big win and ready to get to work, Skirt Sports officially launched in
2005! Thanks to an article in Running World Magazine, buzz and hype about the new
concept, Skirt Sports was created! In 2007, Skirt Sports expanded to also create a line designed for
multisport enthusiasts, including cycling and swimming, too! Since its conception in
2003, Skirt Sports Australia and Skirt Sports Canada have launched, and the company
has been named the number one brand in the skirt category in the running specialty
channel! Join the movement, be inspired, and convert to skirt!