Whole Journeys :: Active Foodie Presentation with Kathy Dragon
When:  Wednesday 7th
Where:  outdoor DIVAS, Boulder
Time :6:30-8pm
Refreshments provided
RSVP to events@outdoordivas.com

Conscious travel—why we travel to a particular place, how we get there and move through the landscape, where we focus our attention, what we do and who we talk with while we are there and when we return—all of these choices can effect positive change in the world. As a professional in the Adventure/Experiential Travel industry for more than two decades, I’ve primarily guided small group tours for active adults worldwide—along with wearing all the other hats involved in running such a business. From Ladakh to Lithuania, Patagonia to Provence, Kerala to Kilimanjaro to Komodo, I’ve been there, often more than once, and have personally escorted more than 3,000 guests on life-changing adventures. The trips I design allow for authentic experiences involving rich cultural connections. We stay at boutique properties, employ expert (mostly) local guides, sample traditional cuisines and engage in active excursions. All of my programs are created within a framework of responsible tourism. Along the way I’ve trained hundreds of guides and tour operators on the nuances of understanding North American “Prime Time” (50-70 yr. old) travelers. The Dragon’s Path, my most recent travel company, focused on cultural walking adventures. For more than fourteen years, I’ve kept my “feet on the ground” by creating and leading small group custom departures for Dragon’s Path customers. My hobbies include trail running, cycling, skiing and photography.  Home base is Boulder, Colorado. I very much look forward to meeting and perhaps hosting you on aWhole Journeys adventure in the near future