As we move into the fourth week of January, new year resolutions may already be fading to the background for some of our Divas. From new semesters starting to busy work schedules to still recovering from the hectic holiday season there are a million excuses to put off your work out resolutions! What’s a girl to do? Fortunately for you, you have come to the right place! Outdoor DIVAS has the perfect solution for keeping up your new year resolutions. Come jump start your work out and fitness plans for 2013 with us! We will be hosting a complimentary Super Workout before the Superbowl right outside our Boulder store. The clinic begins at 10 am Sunday morning February 3, 2013 which means you will be finished with plenty of time to prep for the big game at 6:30 pm eastern time! Your probably wondering what makes this work out so SUPER, right? Well we have brought in the best of the best for our Divas, fitness guru Amy Meyers. Amy is not only the founder of C4 Fitness but a USA Swim Coach, ASCM Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, and a competitive triathlete. Amy has designed this super work out exclusively for our Divas, making it the perfect opportunity for you to learn some new exercises to implement into your new year work out regimen. You will also have the opportunity to speak with Amy personally about your specific wants and needs for your work outs. If you love the clinic you can even sign up for personal training or coaching from Amy! What could be a better way to stick to those resolutions then personal training, right? Whether your training for a triathlon or just exercising to stay healthy this clinic will provide you with the information and skills you need to keep up those new year resolutions!