Questions answered by Oiselle Founder: Sally Bergersen

Sally Bergensen, CEO of Oiselle

What inspired you to launch Oiselle?

For a long time, my two great passions had been running and design. That was the kindling. The spark was a shopping trip in which I tried on every pair of running shorts I could find and was desperately unhappy with the options.

What does Oiselle mean?

Pronounced wa-zell it is French for bird. But not just any bird, a female bird! For me, running has always equaled freedom…that time to both get away from life’s many distractions and reconnect with oneself and the natural world. And you thought only yogis were woo woo!

What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

Running, friendship, caffeine. I know it’s a formula that’s not unique to me. In cities, towns, anywhere in the world, the community of running is a tribe that keeps us sane, grounded, and connected to our fellow humans.

What is your favorite Oiselle item?

The Roga Short! It really delivers on that original quest I was on: a great, high performance short that also happens to be very flattering, and in great colors. Any advice you can share with women looking to start their own business? There’s a lot of “go for it!” “follow your dreams!” verbiage out there and in the world. And while on the one hand, that’s powerful stuff, it’s good not to underestimate having a grasp of the fundamentals. Getting a product company (apparel) off the ground is not for the faint of heart (or pocketbook). Industry knowledge, product expertise, marketing, branding, understanding your “channel strategy” (i.e., wholesale, retail, etc) is difficult. It really takes a passion for what you’re doing — because although we are seeing a breakout year in 2013, it’s been 6 long years to get here. Sometimes the ability to stay in the game long enough to start seeing traction is what it’s all about. That, plus having the right mentors and investors. We are so fortunate to have our Oiselle family.

Thank you for having us in your store! We live to work with strong, women focused businesses that offer something more. Often that “more” is being connected to something bigger than all of us – a mission I know we share with Outdoor Divas!

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