Questions answered by the founder of Sweaty Bands, Donna Browning.

What inspired the launch of Sweaty Bands?

I always needed something to stay put on my head while I was teaching exercise classes.  It had to be a headband that soaked up sweat, didn’t budge and looked cute!

What is the most extreme activity a Sweaty Band has been worn for?

Skydiving!  If it stays put skydiving that is the ultimate test!

What is your favorite way to wear Sweaty Bands?

Everyway, everyday!  I always have one on when I workout.  I still teach fitness classes but I love hot yoga, pure barre and running!  I always mix it up.

What makes Sweaty Bands unique?

The lining on the inside is super absorbent AND keeps the Sweaty Band in place.

What is your favorite Sweaty Bands print or color?

That is a hard question to answer right now.  We have a team of designers forecasting trends so we get have new styles arriving daily at our warehouse in Cincinnati.  Today we got a new chevron pattern with light blue, steel grey and dark purple-it is so awesome.  I am going to wear it tomorrow when I teach, YAY!