The Fast 5 :  with Tough Girl Tutu owners, Julie Knapp + Christina Schleicher

[questions answered by Christina on behalf of both Tough Girls]

What inspired you to purchase Tough Girl Tutu’s?

My good friend Julie Knapp and I always wanted to start a business together. We share a love for running and racing. This opportunity came up and seemed like more fun than work, and has been a great fit. It’s rewarding to see photos of our customers at the start or finish of a race. Witnessing people achieve their goals is so special, and reinforces our love and gratitude for the business we’re in.

When is your favorite time to wear a tutu?

Running the Mesa trail.  The other day two women stopped me and said, “Nice tutu!  Is it your birthday?”  I replied that it wasn’t my birthday, but it seemed like a good day for a tutu.

What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

CrossFit Roots, playing in the snow, neighborhood walks with my new niece, cooking, experimenting with green smoothie recipes, meeting people.

What do you wear under your tutu?

Ha, spandex shorts for warm days and leggings for cold days.  And ski pants on occasion.

What is your favorite summer activity?

Hitting the trails early for a sunrise mountain bike or run.