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Questions answered by Sylvia DeLay, owner of Mercuria Running







What inspired you to get into running?

We both began running in grade school & high school for different reasons and fell in love with it as a sport.  Running allows us to clear our heads, socialize with old and new friends, and challenge ourselves. We continue to be inspired to run by finding new adventures and fun races around Colorado–and the world (running on vacation is a great way to find inspiration).

What is your favorite way to keep up your energy?

Eating and sleeping are key to keeping your energy levels high. We try to eat immediately after long runs and often go out as a group for a social lunch or brunch after our long Sunday runs. If we start to feel a little low on energy, we’ll try to add a little more sleep into schedules–which can be hard for night owls, but it pays off.

What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

When we were younger, we would get really nervous before races, but now that we race more regularly–it much easier to stay calm and focused while racing–it’s less of a big deal. Over the past few years, we’ve selected a few destination runs. We think they’re great, because there’s a certain element of surprise when running in a new place. It’s also a vacation so it’s hard to be stressed!

Where is your favorite place to run?

We love running the trails of Colorado! Every Sunday -rain, snow or sunshine- we head to Golden, Morrison, Evergreen or Boulder for a trail run. We trail run in the summer as well, and often take advantage of the cooler mountain weather and explore the trails a little further away–Crested Butte is one of our favorite places to run & relax.

How do you get yourself motivated to run if you’re having an off day?

We think the hardest part of running on an off day is getting out the door. We have three techniques that we use to keep motivated. First, if we need to do a workout that we’re not looking forward to we’ll invite a friend or two to join us–it’s hard to bail on friends. Second, if we come home from work exhausted, or feeling lazy, we’ll make ourselves immediately put on our favorite running gear & promise ourselves that we only have to run three miles. Most times, after getting out the door it’s easy to keep going. Finally, if we’re training for a big race, we’ll make a training calendar and check off every run. It’s hard to skip a run when it’s staring at you–just waiting for a check mark and comment.

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