[the fast 5]


What inspired you to launch Church and State Optics?

As a former fashion editor in NYC, I covered the latest trends and happenings in the ready-to-wear and fashion industries. I’m also a natural athlete and total gearhead, so I had been wanting to move to the mountains to try the ski bum lifestyle. It was after I moved to Vail that I realized I could take 2 of my biggest loves, fashion & skiing, to create the perfect brand of style and performance for women who want to be inspired by their gear.

What is the significance of the name?

Church and State means the fashion and function of the brand, so in order for the line to work, these 2 entities have to get along even though it can be a tricky combination. It’s the politics of style and performance!

What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

My best sanity check is my little shadow, B Rad. He’s the sweetest dog ever, and it’s a bonus that he’s a total customer magnet. If only us humans could learn to take things in stride like he does. To keep my head in the game, I like to keep myself busy with travel. Meeting new people, checking out cool shops, talking with fellow minded athletes and fashionistas is always a fun way to keep my ideas flowing.

What’s the biggest adventure you have taken a pair of your sunnies on…what style?

I took The Nylon, which at the moment is not yet on the market, on a road trip from Vail to San Francisco, from mountain biking to stand-up-paddle boarding to golfing. It’s a highly technical frame that is made completely out of nylon, even the lenses! Mucho coolio!

 Best advice for women starting a business?

Find a mentor. When you have someone who has gone thru certain struggles and successes that are in line with your company, he/she can help provide insight and comfort when needing advice or feeling discouraged. Learning from an experienced veteran of business is an amazing tool that can get you thru a lot in a shorter amount of time.