Carolyn Cooke and Poppy Gall were riding a chair lift in Vermont several years ago and discussed ideas of what it would take to develop attractive, technical outdoor apparel that would truly fit a woman’s body. That same banter became serious and the concept is the genesis of Isis.

For the two of them, the outdoors is both a passion and a profession.

They’ve been seeking out wild places and traveling outdoor trails of many kinds for most of their lives. For years they experienced the outdoors wearing technical clothing that did not fit their needs, their desires and certainly not their bodies.

As active women, they understand that fit is more than just a number on a sizing chart. Fit must also encompass what you do, and who you are. They know that active women want outdoor clothing that is dynamic in color, design and function. Women want to buy more than just an attitude. We want products that fit, perform, endure and look great!

The women at Isis also enjoy being part of a larger community of friends, organizations and people who are making a difference in this world. Partnering for a cause is an extension of who they are and what the believe in. Over the years, Isis has partnered with The Breast Cancer Fund, Mind Over Mountains, Headhunt Revisited, Women’s Winter Tour, The Women’s Wilderness Institute and The Green Mountain Club.