Your alarm goes off. Its 8:00AM and time for your early morning hike up Chautauqua to get your daily workout in while simultaneously soaking up the beautiful scenery that Boulder has to offer. When you find you don’t have time for this, your day is always a little off. You roll out of bed and search for your favorite old pair of hiking shorts. As you search your room you realize that you made plans to have brunch with your girlfriends at 10AM in Denver. You ponder for a second over how you will be able to do the hike and make it to brunch on time. You decide that you will go on your morning hike, like usual, then, afterwards head straight to Denver to enjoy a nice brunch with your best girlfriends. You put on your old, raggedy shorts and immediately take them off. Although they are your favorite pair of hiking shorts, you find that it would be a little embarrassing showing up to brunch dressed in them. You think, ‘What can I wear on the trails AND to brunch?’ You look through your clothes and nothing excites you. After 30 minutes of searching, you give up and bail on your favorite part of the day.

This story didn’t have to end like this. If you had known that companies are recognizing the fact that women are as busy as ever and because of this are designing clothes to fit your busy bee needs, you would have woke up and put on your PrAna Suki Shorts with your PrAna Quinn Top and made it up the mountain and down to Denver right on time.

There is becoming a vast variety of women clothing companies that are designing cute hiking clothes that will have you hiking up the mountain in style as well as on the city streets. No more awkward moments of explaining that you didn’t have time to go home and change and more awesome moments of looking good and feeling good all day long.

OutdoorDIVAS offers a wide selection of cute hiking clothes that are perfect for all-day style. A few of our vendors include: PrAna, Club Ride Apparel, Nuu Muu Dresses, NAU, Stonewear Designs, Skirt Sport  & Patagonia

Wanna know what cute hiking clothes we would pair & wear?

Pair the PrAna Nora Short with the PrAna Leyla Top. The PrAna Nora Short is a versatile, relaxed short made from high performance stretch fabrics that have you covered in any condition you wear them. The PrAna Leyla Top is air-jet spun to give a fluffy, more cotton feel.






Or, pair the PrAna Suki Short with the PrAna Chelsea Top. The PrAna Suki Shorts are made from soft organic cotton that has a touch of spandex for versatile stretch. The PrAna Chelsea Top is made from lightweight heathered jersey and is great for all your summer activities.






Feeling a little bit more girly? Pair the PrAna Bliss Skort with the PrAna Cheri Top. The PrAna Cheri Top is made with stretch and moisture wicking properties that makes this top so versatile that you can wear it hiking, climbing, and even strolling throughout town. The PrAna Bliss Skort has all the practicality of shorts with the feminine touch of a skirt, making the transition from indoors to out, effortless.






If you couldn’t tell, we LOVE PrAna 🙂


For extra cuteness pair these cute hiking outfits with an awesome pair of Sunski Sunglasses!