Lets be honest, marathons are not for the faint hearted; you got to be one tough chick to push through all 26 miles of a race. But being tough doesn’t mean you have to have a threatening or stern disposition; being tough means you have the ability, both mentally and physically, to endure hardship or pain and the way you dress should be no indicator of how tough you are. So why not be a tough chick and look super cute at the same time!?

A Tough Girl Tutu is the perfect way to add some fun on race day and look super cute at the same time! And Tough Girl Tutus are designed by racers for racing!







Designed with comfort in mind, each Tough Girl Tutu has a wide built-in waistband and fun, flowing material that won’t interfere with your pace. Race bib toggles eliminate the need for safety pins or a race belt. There are no built-in liners or shorts, so you can walk, run, or cycle in what you’re most comfortable wearing underneath.

Tough Girl Tutus are the perfect way to look totally cute as you push through all 26 miles of a marathon and not to mention, they are super practical. So, whoever said tough girls can’t wear tutus was, in fact, terribly misinformed.