made in usa womens outdoor industry

As avid outdoor adventurists we pride ourselves on the beautiful America playground. We try to minimize our footprint while enjoying our outdoor hobbies, however there’s another way we can help our country and its “buying American.”

Why should we care? Buying products made in the US ensures fair and safe working conditions and a reasonable minimum wage for employees. Manufacturing in the US cuts down on the environmental impact of shipping products from overseas and also has cleaner environmental standards in comparison to standards found abroad. In short, buying products that are made in the USA not only helps the American economy, it also helps keep the production process environmentally sound!

The outdoor industry currently sustains 6.1 million American job which is awesome, however we need to keep the ball rolling! We can help sustain a powerful American economy with our day to day purchases of products that complement our outdoor hobbies and interests. Outdoor DIVAS wanted to recognize a few companies in the women’s outdoor industry that are doing their part in trying to help the land they love by sporting the Made in the USA label!

Stonewear Designs

The Boulder-based company, Stonewear Designs, commenced after identifying a need for form fitting women’s specific climbing apparel. Over the years, they’ve stayed connected with their American roots and manufacture all their products in the USA.

women specific outdoor industry made in usa stonewear

Be Present

Be Present, a yoga apparel company located out of Colorado, offers highly functional yoga inspired clothing. They currently make all of their products out of the US and don’t have any intention of ever doing otherwise. They’re dedicated to sticking to their roots while making awesome pieces!

be present womens specific yoga brand made in the USA

B Up

B Up realizes women constantly transition from activity to activity throughout the day and they make fashion oriented apparel to fit that to-go lifestyle! Although their designs travel from Italy, B Up is proudly manufactured in the USA!

Be Up Made in USA



Icelantic, a Denver based company, continues to push the boundaries in creativity, quality, performance and passion! They started their company seeking to revolutionize the ski industry and they’ve done just that, making high performance skis incorporating unique artwork year after year! Icelantic recruits their talented crew domestically and their skis are handmade right in Denver! What’s even better than products Made in USA? Made in COLORADO!

Icleantic Women







Nuu Muu

Nuu Muu believes in girl power, green living, contributing and drum rollllll… producing all of their products in the U S of A. “Feel as good on the inside as your Nuu-Muu feels on you.” Nuu Muu has been continuously innovating the running dress so check them out if your interested in adding a feminine flare to your exercise apparel!







Never Summer 

Never Summer is another company that refuses to cut corners by reducing costs. Every single one of their boards are hand crafted in their Denver, Colorado factory. They’ve been around since 1983 and over the years they’ve progressively revolutionized the snowboard industry. These guys keep it real while staying local!  Double whammy, we think yes.






Handful Bras

Handful Bras, a Portland based company, make all of their high performance sports bras for women in the US! “Look your best, feel your best, perform your best.” If your looking for great support for the girls while supporting a great company than give Hanful a quick gander!