Outdoor DIVAS Triathlon!
Smiles, outdoor DIVAS triathlon, Anna
I’ve always loved endurance events and have participated in a few, but never a classic triathlon. During one of my first shifts in the Boulder DIVAS store (I usually hold court at our Denver location), we were hosting an evening with DIVAS: Tri like a girl prep. The information was great, and was meant to ease the anxiety of those gals participating in a multi-sport event, especially for those who would be completing their first triathlon ever!
To be honest, I thought to myself “I don’t think I’ll ever do a triathlon…ever”, mostly because I feel most at home on dry land; the last multi sport event i had done was the Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon in Grants, New Mexico: bike, run, ski, snow shoe…no swimming!
It wasn’t until race day (we were there to cheer and represent divas) last year that my mind was changed; there were so many women, all ages, shapes, fitness levels, finishing the triathlon with smiles on their faces (the firemen were a big help!). Before the last gal crossed the finish line, I told kim that I wanted to participate in the 2013 outdoor DIVAS triathlon, and that we should get a divas team together.
The biggest hurdle for me was to purchase a swim cap, goggles, and jump into a pool with the intention to actually swim, not to tan my winter white stomach. The first day, I swam 5 laps…the first two and last two were spent convincing myself that I wasn’t drowning…it was rough. I stuck with it and swimming became easier. Yesterday marked a first for me; I swam 30 laps (in my Skirt Sports Multi-Sport tank and bottoms!) and felt good enough to keep going. Instead I jumped out of the pool and on to my bike, and rode 8 miles home.
The final step for me will be putting on my wetsuit and jumping in the open water…I know, it’s pretty close to race day, but lucky for me and other procrastinators out there, the last swim DIVAS: Open Water Swim Clinic is August 7th! Time to load up on Body Glide (yes, we sell that too!).
So, here we are, almost one year later and myself, Kim, Jess, Rhena, and Tasmin will be participating in the outdoor DIVAS Triathlon in t-minus 10 days! To all the gals out there participating in the outdoor DIVAS Triathlon, remember: GIRLS KICK ASS!


Written by: Anna Aiken-Baudino