Isabel Suppé :: climber, writer, adverturer

Isabel Suppe is the featured events with DIVAS guest this month! She’s giving a presentation on her inspiring journey on September 3rd at Outdoor Divas (boulder location). We asked Isabel a few questions!

What initially led you to climb?

Fall. I had climbed with my grandparents when I was a little kid, but I wouldn’t have discovered that mountains are my element if it hadn’t been for fall. I had been saving money to buy a fridge when I saw that the leaves were changing color-and consequently decided to stick my food on the balcony and went on a trip to Patagonia instead. And that was the beginning of my great, never-ending love affair with mountains.

How often do you climb these days…it seems like you spend a lot of time in the saddle?

It´s true, my book tour by bike has been keeping me super busy. Also I just learned to walk again. Now I´m looking for climbing partners in all the places I visit in order to spend as much time as possible climbing.

What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

I guess doing a book tour by bike is pretty healthy, in every sense.

Where is your favorite place to spend time?

I have several places I am very fond of. My favorite place in the US is Colorado, but the one magic place on earth I really miss is Argentina.

What is your biggest life lesson?

That almost nothing is impossible as long as we dare to dream and as long as we are willing to pursue our dreams.