Dimity Mc Dowell :: co author of Run Like a Mother + Train Like  Mother

How did you become an author?

Ever since I started reading Seventeen magazine at age twelve, I’ve always

wanted to be a writer. I kept that goal in mind after college, and moved to New

York City where I gradually worked my way up the editorial ladder. Run Like a

Mother started as a feature story for Runner’s World; there was so much more to

say about running and being a parent, a book felt like the natural next step for

Sarah Bowen Shea, my co-author, and I.


Who is your muse…or keeps you inspired?

Starbuck’s non-fat latte? Actually, all the women we meet, both in person and

virtually, keep me going. They’re some of the strongest, happiest, funniest, most

motivated people I’ve come across in my life—and to have the chance to “lead”

them, albeit from the middle of the pack, is pretty cool.


What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

Oh, this is a better place for the Starbuck’s non-fat latte answer. Really, running

is the thing that keeps me sane—and my head in the game. I realize I may

sound like an infomercial, but running makes me a more loving spouse, a more

patient mom, a more efficient worker, and a happier, better person. The days

when I don’t make the time to sweat are much harder to trudge through than

the days I do.


Where is your favorite place to run?

Any trail, really: I just really love how trail running forces you to be present. My

favorite race is the Aspen Gold Leaf Half-Marathon.


Most useful advice for working moms?

Don’t think; just go. Your family/work/to-do list will always be there—and you’ll

be much more prepared to deal with it after you get a little endorphin rush.

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