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Where did you get the idea for Open Arms?

The idea for Open Arms was inspired by discovering that many refugee women who have been forced out of their homeland and resettled in the US are virtually invisible in our own communities. The idea was born from a passion that everyone should have an opportunity to take care of their children with dignity. Open Arms is a living wage social enterprise, committed to providing full time employment to refugee women who would otherwise be living in poverty

Do you manufacture everything in the US?

Yes, everything we make is USA made, in Austin, Texas.

What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

What keeps my head in the game is looking at the faces of the Open Arms team. There are women from all over the world, Sudan, Burundi, Congo, Nepal, Iraq, etc. Watching these strong, courageous women come together every day to make a better life for their children inspires me every day!

What’s your favorite Open Arms item?  

I would have to say my favorite Open Arms item is the classic flourished skirt. It has our signature ruffled blossom on it. They remind me of one of the first team members we hired and who started making them for us. Her name is Odile and her story is amazing. The flourishes have come to represent courage to me.

Best advice for women starting a business?

My best advice for women starting a business is …make sure you are passionate about the vision of the business you are starting….don’t give up… put together a strong team…. and build strong  partnerships with other women who are doing the same thing.