This year’s models of women’s skis offer up a variety of choices for all skier types.  The addition of early rise in the tip and tails of many ski types, provides women with tools that stay afloat in powder and crud, yet hold an edge for those who savor turning.  One such ski is the Rossignol 88.  This sturdy bad girl loves to carve, yet floats through powder and crud when needed.  The 88’s efficiency in entering a turn provides responsive control, while the extended side cut (135-88-124) securely plants an edge from tip to tale.  One of my favorite feelings on the Rossignol 88 is its snappy exit from each turn that propels me into the next turn with ease.  These attributes naturally create a ski that likes to play in the bumps.  The Rossignol 88 works for the aggressive skier, who understands being the boss, but would be perfect for an advanced intermediate who wants to breakthrough to the next level.

~Leslie Finn