Most of us are quite accustomed to our normal day to day routine… but what happens when we swap this comfortable lifestyle for a weekend of tents, fires and playing outside?? Camping forces us to re-organize our style of living to fit in the limited space of our small trunks for the weekend. What the heck! ….  But wait! There are ways to make your stay in the great outdoors the best it can be! Here are our FAVORITE camping hacks. Be camp smart!

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Top 7 Camping Hacks

1) DIY Key Flotation Device

Never lose your keys in the river again! Hook your keys onto a wine cork and WA-BAM. This simple trick could potentially save you a headache that’s for sure!

2) Peanut Butter + Celery Combo

Slap peanut butter in a jar and some celery (or veggies of your choice) to make the perfect combination of yumminess and fuel for your outdoor adventures!

3) Hot Nalgene

Chilly night? Fill your Nalgene up with hot water and stick in your sleeping bag for the ultimate cuddle buddy!

4) Duct tape holder

You can fix just about anything with Duct tape. But when you’re packing light, lugging around a roll of tape is far from convenient. Roll some duct tape around a lighter. Kill two birds with one stone!

5) Tic Tac Spice Container

Bring your kitchen to the outdoors! Fill up tic tac containers with your favorite cook time spices for a simple and easy way to make a great meal!

6) Slapjacks on the go

Step 1) Make pancake batter. Step 2) put into zip lock bags. Step 3) freeze. Step 4) bring camping. Step 5) you’re friends will officially love you when it comes breakfast time

7) Daily serving of soap

Peel off thin layers of soap with a peeler to avoid bringing a big bar of messy soap camping.