The Beauty of Foil

Planning a camping trip? We all know it how packing can get quite difficult, especially when it comes to meal time. What if we told you, you could leave the Coleman stove, propane tank, pan and spatula at home? Well you can! One word: aluminum foil. That’s right, the following recipes are all wrapped in aluminum foil and can be cooked right on the flaming hot coals of your fire. Mind blown? That’s what we thought. Let us know what you think about our foil campfire recipes and enjoy! If you like this post you might enjoy our handy dandy Camping Hacks as well!

Breakfast burritos

What you need: Tortillas, vegetables, eggs, shredded cheese, red peppers, potatoes, salt + pepper

1. Scramble eggs with cheese + pinch of pepper 2. Roast potatoes first and add squash, red pepper and mushrooms until tender 3. Lay tortilla on sheet of aluminum foil 4. Add vegetables, eggs and shredded cheese and roll tortilla 5. Roll in the aluminum foil 6. Lay directly on hot coals for 5 minutes, voila!

Corn on the Cob

1. Wrap corn (with or without husks) in aluminum foil 2. Throw in fire 3. Too easy to be true? Find out for yourself!

Roasted Vegetables

1. Cut vegetables of your choice prior to camping trip we suggest onions, bell peppers, yams, potatoes (small cut) 2. When ready to roast, lay vegetables on sheet of foil 3. Cover vegetables with another sheet of foil 4. Make a pouch with the two sheets of aluminum foil 5. Lay directly on hot coals for roughly 20 min


What you need: 2 tablespoons of popcorn kernels, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, string + stick

1. Place kernels and oil on square sheet of aluminum foil 2. Seal edges in order to form a popcorn pouch 3. Tie pouch with string on the corner attached to a stick 4. Shake over fire until popped

Foil Campfire Recipes