The season is over…now what?

While there is ski skiing in the back country, most of the resorts are turning off the lifts until next fall.  So what do you do with your equipment over the summer?

  1. Get your skis tuned. Yep…do it now.  If you wait until the fall, everyone in town will want a tune…ready on the same weekend.   Right now shops are winding down…but not yet closed for the summer.  They have time, and more than likely the machines are still set up, and tools and benches still rolling. Check out our ski tuning options!

  2. Get storage wax on your skis.  The shop can do this after they tune your skis.  Essentially, the wax stays on the skis through the summer.  Think of it like a deep conditioning for your bases…it keeps them from drying out, especially in drier climates.  Yes, you will have to bring the skis back in to have them scraped in the fall…but that is included in the price.
  3. Give your boots a once over. Clean any mud off your boots…you probably picked some up shuffling through the base during the spring.  Make sure your boots are completely dry before you store them for the summer.  BUCKLE your boots.  Yes it matters.  It keeps the shape of the boot so you maintain your great fit…plastic wants to spread out if it’s not clamped down.