If you’re not familiar with the foreign language of climbing, the sport can be quite intimidating. Who is this person oddly standing behind climbers with their hands up? What in the world does “v-something” mean? Why is that person flying through the air with neither feet nor hands on the wall? These are completely valid questions for the average bouldering beginner and lucky for you… we have answers! You can walk the walk but can you talk the talk? If you’re in the market for a fresh new pair of kicks, check out our selection of Scarpa climbing shoes.  The Scarpa Force X Women and Scarpa Helix are great beginner shoes for all you ladies just getting into the sport!

crash pad: a mat placed below the climber to allow for a softer landing/fall. Protects against rocks and other potentially hazardous items
dyno: a dynamic move in which you push with your legs to reach a hold thats too far to reach statically. A dyno typically results in both feet and both hands off the wall
high ball: a boulder problem that is particularly high. High balls tend to be riskier and result in higher injuries
spotter: the person who stands behind you when you climb to guide you when you fall in order to prevent injury.
problem: a series of moves on a boulder (rock). Established problems typically assigned a difficulty rating (v-scale)
top-out: to climb a boulder all the way up until you can stand on top of it