Bandi Wear Founders
[bandi wear founders– Beth & Bev]

What inspired you to launch BANDI Bands?

The two of us (Beth and Bev) were both looking for better ways to carry our phones and other small items while out and about.  Beth was training for a half marathon and just upgraded to a smart phone and wanted it with her for the training gps, music, and safety.  Bev was taking a break from a full time career to spend more time with family and started taking daily power walks.  We happened to discuss our common frustration with how to manage our phones/money/key, and the lack of attractive items on the market.  An idea was born and after many months of development, we launched BANDI in the spring of 2012.

What has been your biggest challenge as a start up?

We think the biggest challenge has been deciding how quickly to grow the business, determining staffing and managing the financial needs that are part of the a growing business.  Marketing the business and education the consumer is an on-going process, but also fun!

What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

We both love what we are doing.  We have supportive families, and because we still personally sell at events, we get a lot of facetime with our customers.  Receiving first-hand feedback from them and seeing their excitement really keeps us going!

Where is the most exciting place you’ve worn a BANDI Band?

For me, Beth, running the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon, which was also the debut of BANDI and launch of our business, was the best.  And then spotting others in the crowd running in the their BANDI belts was even better!  Bev enjoys power walks and loves traveling with her family.  “I love the sleek, secure styling and hands-free convenience,” says Bev.

What’s next for BANDI Bands?

We plan to keep expanding our brand by opening more retail accounts, growing our web business and continuing to attend many fitness events.  We have new products in development so you will have to stay connected to be the first to see when we unveil!