What inspired you to launch Sweet Spot Skirts?

As a result of needing to cover my “sweet spot” while working high end real estate and commuting on my bike. Most athletic things have a sweet spot; tennis racket, golf club, baseball and actually even a surfboard has a sweet spot. The bigger story is on a webpage and tells with more humor and detail 🙂 http://sweetspotskirts.com/pages/our-story

What has been your biggest challenge in the market place?
Keeping up with demand. Quality is our number one addiction. We approve every skirt before it leaves our warehouse.

What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

My managers and staff keep me sane. They are awesome. We hired unemployed women to sew for us in the first years of the company. Those that wanted to move up into management have done so. They protect my company as though it was one of their children and bring an extremely fresh and creative outlook to our process. Our business goals are simple. #1 Have Fun! #2 When goal #1 is done…. have MORE fun!

What did you do prior to running your own business?

Oh my! Lets see… I have been a school teacher, college basketball coach, General manager, Operations Analyst and most recently a real estate broker. This is the blurb they use to describe me in the Entrepreneur classes that I teach (written by my marketing director:)

“From school teacher to million dollar real estate producer, it wasn’t until Stephanie Lynn fully embraced her entrepreneurial spirit that she found her true passion. Combining her teaching background with countless real world experiences, Stephanie shares innovative approaches that helped her to build a successful business in the middle of a recession. She encourages women to create a dynamic atmosphere within their own businesses.”

What advice do you have for women that are looking to launch a business?
1. Do things “your” way. The traditional business practices do not apply in some cases.
2. Create a story for your business and be humble and true to that story. For us it is continue to keep manufacturing in the USA. If they told me I have to go over seas….I would shut down the company. I feel that strongly about it!
3. Live your passion.
4. Don’t let fear hold you back. If I lost everything, I have 18 friends that said they would take me in for one month. That is my worst case scenario. Really, an 18 month vacation with people I love? That is my worst case scenario
5. Standing on the entrepreneurial ledge has two advantages: 1: You have a great view 2: The next step could be 200 feet down, which tends to help you make really good decisions!!!!!