What inspired you to launch Coeur?

I was co-founder at another women’s tri clothing company but really wanted to create something that was about more than just pushing clothes. So I started Coeur as a means to both design awesome clothes AND create a platform for supporting and inspiring women in endurance sports.

What has been your biggest challenge in the women’s triathlon market?

I’ll tell you what, manufacturing is no picnic. It’s a tough industry.

What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

The women’s market is growing so much and is such fun, that that aspect of the market has been a blast. And what gets me excited is seeing happy Coeurcustomers cheering on other athletes at races.

Where did the name Coeur come from?

Coeur is French for heart and courage. I thought those were two traits every gal needs to get to the finish line of a race. I just thought it was a strong and fun motto to rally around – heart and courage. Oh, and my first Ironman wasCoeur d’Alene. Am I putting my 7 years of French classes to good use?!

What does the future hold for Coeur?

I love this question! For one thing, lots more designs and garments. I get so excited thinking about designing new pieces with smart functionality. But also, a strong and inspiring team, sponsorship of some great women’s race series, and some contests in which to get women involved in multisport.