How did you create Momentum jewelry?

Like so many moments of clarity, the spark for Momentum came at an unexpected time. I was

at the gym, doing a seemingly never-ending plank, when I looked down at my blank wrist and

realized how great it would be to have something encouraging there. The idea for our Motivate

Wrap was born and I haven’t looked back since!

Where do you get your inspiration for designs / quotes?

Although I’m a big fan of the Silent Sports (nordic skiing, bicycling, running), I’m also a big gym junkie.

I am fortunate to have some incredibly positive and motivating instructors – I’m always listening to

what they say and scribble down little notes of the best snippets. Then I play around with how the

words look when I stamp them on the pendants and viola! I love that our sayings range from hard-core

motivational to life inspirational – there is something for everyone.

What keeps you sane, and keeps your head in the game?

I love supporting women’s fitness and empowerment! Although I really enjoy all the creative aspects

involved in running my own business, my favorite part is when I get customer feedback. I love when

they send me pictures and share their life stories. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear how our jewelry has

inspired them – both in the personal and athletic lives.

Where is your favorite place to wear a bracelet or footnote??

EVERYWHERE! That’s the great thing about our Motivate Wrap – it’s so incredibly comfortable, it never

gets in the way. I’m wearing my pink “dream big” right now while working at the computer , but I

always make sure I have one on when I head to the gym. I have Foot Notes shoe charms on all my gym

and running shoes. I love how I don’t have to remember to put them on – once you string them on they

are always there for you!

Do you have any advice for women that want to start their own business?

Make sure you stay true to yourself and your vision. Also, you must be willing to take risks, so surround

yourself with people who TRULY support you and believe in what you are doing. It helps to have back-
up when you are taking those leaps of faith!