Abby Paffrath is an artist out of Jackson Hole Wyoming.  She customizes hats with her inspiring artwork so all can see and holy cow are they AWESOME. We interviewed Ms. Pathrath and here’s what she had to say …. 

You’re an artist, what inspired you to put your art on hats?

I was inspired to start printing some of my original art onto hats to make my art accessible to all who connect to my work, and share my love for the outdoors. I would much rather see my art traveling, adventuring, on top of mountains, in different countries, and down rivers than locked up is somebody’s second home guest room. Art 4 All!

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?

I love being an artist! But it can be very difficult at times. As an artist you put your heart out there everyday for people to criticize  and judge.  I just try to create as much as possible knowing that not every piece will be a masterpiece. I create because it helps me connect with the world around me. It forces me to slow down and really look and connect with my surroundings and feelings.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I am inspired by the outdoors and adventures. I’m inspired by the colors the leaves turn in the fall, the stillness of a big powder day, the freshness in the air after a heavy rain, the excitement of a rising trout, and of coarse sharing my work with the world.

How long have you been painting?

I have been an artist since as long as I can remember. As a kid I was always drawing, painting and crafting. I got me undergraduate at the University of Montana where I learned the Batik process through a study abroad program. I studied batik in Bali Indonesia form a Balinese man in his housing compound. We did not speak each other’s language but were able to communicate through the process of creating art. I have been hooked on the batik process ever since.

What’s next for Art 4 all?

Art 4 All hats are so fun! I get so excited when I see someone wearing one of my hats. I want to expand my line to include more fun accessories like gloves, belt buckles, winter hats, and pillows.

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