This is my second year doing the sprint triathlon with Outdoor Divas. All of their staff are confident and know how to help first-timers get prepared and get excited for the race. Just getting comfortable with the basics of how to register, how to prepare, and when to show up for the race is a bit overwhelming for someone who is new to racing! The swim clinics are great as well as the pre-race training support and information meetings. More information always helps me feel better about what I’m getting myself into!

The race day itself is well-organized, well-sponsored, and fortunately the weather was perfect the past two years. To be able to race with only women, I think, helps more new racers get out and conquer a multiple sport event. There’s quite a bit to a triathlon in terms of getting all the right gear, clothes, and accessories ready before the race and then actually putting everything together in the right order on the day of the race. It really was a fun event and I’ll certainly do it again next year.
Tasmin Cordie, DC, CFMP
Boulder, CO