Pretty Faces, an all-female documentary ski film debuts at the Boulder Theater on September 30th. It was conceptualized by pro-skier and SheJumps co- founder, Lynsey Dyer. Here we feature an interview with Dyer as told to writer and Eldora Women’s Program director, Krista Crabtree.

Q: Where did you grow up and who got you into skiing?

A: Sun Valley Idaho, my parents got me into the sport.

Q: What was the first ski movie you ever remember watching?

A: Warren Miller with my family.

Q: What was your first filming experience like?

A: It was with TGR and I landed some big airs.

Q: Did you form Unicorn Picnic yourself? Who else is involved?

A: I created it, but many have supported from the production company to everyone from Kickstarter to the girls/athletes who believed in me.

Q: Why do you think men have dominated the ski movie industry?

A: Because guys rip and we haven’t been loud enough…yet…and now as a team we can have the impact we’ve always hoped for.

Q: I had a well-known male skier tell me that “women aren’t in movies because they don’t like to hike.” What would you say to him?

A: Hahahah! Good one.

Q: What are you most proud about Pretty Faces?

A: We did it, we didn’t just talk about it. Id’ rather try and fail than not show up and risk failure for the potential of what can be.

Q: Who should see the movie?

A: Parents, kids, boys, girls…anyone who needs inspiration to follow a dream…and in case you love to ski you will probably like it.

Q: What’s the next project that you’re most excited about?

A: We are hoping this film will be the proof that we can do another. We just need sponsors to jump on

board in a big way.

Q: Best advice to young female skiers?

A: It is better to show up and fail than not try at all. Train, get strong, put action behind the words and your dreams…you will surprise yourself.

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