Hands down, buying season is one of the most exciting times of the year ( ok…second to ski season…but a close second)!

I’m just back from outdoor retailer, and reeling with inspiration from all of the new companies and products overflowing the walls of the Salt Palace.
A couple of the biggest trends from summer market…


Electronics outside

No unplugging required to go outside these days.  Electronics can, apparently, do everything for you in the great outdoors these days.
You can track how far, fast and high you go.  Plot your course on a map, topo or satellite style. Check the weather, locate stars. Monitor your heart rate, calculate the calories you’re burning, and listen to music if you so desire. And all the while, use a solar charger to charge your device in a waterproof case, that is touch screen active.

Made in America. 

Yes it’s more expensive, and yes production is difficult because there are not too many skilled laborers left in the U S of A,  but consumers are demanding made in Amreica and manufacturers are responding.
With the hand made, farm to table  trends evident country wide, it’s no surprise that consumes are willing to pay a premium for things made state wide.
We have millineiums and hipsters to thank for this thoughtful re emergence of American manufacturing, as evident buy a stroll through  the new venture out area in the pavilion area. Here  young and old companies alike ( think Pendelton and Topo) pedal their wares and extol the virtues of thoughtful, conservation based manufacturing.