Sarah will be teaching our SNOvember yoga classes on November 7th and November 9th in our Boulder store at 8am! The Snovember yoga for skiers classes will focus on all the muscles that skiers use:  calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, shoulders, even your feet!  You can use this sequence of yoga poses to stay flexible and help strengthen your skiing muscles. No yoga experience is necessary to join in on the fun.

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A bit about Sarah…

Sarah loves yoga for the way it makes her feel on the inside and out, and wants to help others find that same feeling. She practices yoga because of the way it has changed her outlook on life, allowing her to find the pause between stimulus and response in order to make intelligent choices in her daily life. Sarah used to be a software engineer and saw life as very black or white, through her yoga practice it has opened up the wonderful kaleidoscope of greys she wasn’t seeing previously.

Most importantly, yoga has taught Sarah how to slow down, so that she can listen to her own inner voice. She began practicing yoga in 1996 and fell in love with it during her first hot, sweaty Bikram yoga class. She has been practicing ever since. Whenever Sarah is away from her practice for too long her whole being lets her know it’s time to practice again, it is the one form of exercise that always pulls her back. Sarah also enjoys biking, traveling, hiking, dark chocolate and spending time with her two teenage daughters. Sarah approaches her teaching in a very nurturing, supportive, fun-loving way, please come join her on your mat.