Vinyasa with Sarah

Only $8!

Please join us Monday evenings 7-8p for an in-store yoga class. We will be practicing a Vinyasa style of yoga. Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga which links your movement to your breath. The class is set to music and will help you build strength, increase your flexibility and find your focus. All levels are welcome, if you want to make your practice more challenging or more gentile, options will be made available.

Our instructor:: Sarah Lems

Sarah loves yoga for the way it makes her feel on the indside and out, and wants to help others find that same feeling. She practices yoga because of the way it has changed her outlook on life, allowing her to find the pause between stimulus and response in order to make intelligent choices in her daily life. Sarah approaches her teaching in a very nurturing, supportive, fun-loving way, please come join her on your mat. Namaste.