What inspired you to start Three Tarts?

After 10 years working as an Interior designer I was feeling pretty burnt-out and

started looking for another creative field to dive into. I‘ve always loved the art of

pastry, and the almost giddy emotions (for me anyway) evoked by truly delicious

desserts. After going to culinary school and gaining some experience in the field,

I decided to combine my love of design with my love of pastry and opened a

small boutique selling baked goods and also giftware.

Where is your store located?

The Plaza Food Hall in New York’s Iconic Plaza Hotel. We are grateful to be one

of the dozen or so food establishments of this very unique and beautiful retail


What inspires you?

Color, presentation, relationships with customers. People light up when they walk

into a bakery and take a peak in the pastry case. It’s amazing watching an adult

turn into a kid again as we fire up a fresh S’more for them. Smiles are inspiring.

How long has Three Tarts been around?

Just about 10 crazy years.

What’s next for Three Tarts?

Our Wholesale business is expanding and we have a retail project launching in

Japan this February. Can’t give away the details yet, but we will be popping up in

Tokyo for Valentine’s day!