How did you get into training?

A serendipitous encounter introduced me to one of my dearest friends and personal trainer, Lindie Pulvirenti when I was living in south Florida. Founder of Warrior Chick Bootcamp, she ran a womens only workout in her back yard under the palm trees 3 days a week, a place where women could not only bring their kids, but work out and learn how to use and treat their bodies in a safe, supportive and fun environment. Constant encouragement from both Lindie and the other Warrior Chicks motivated me push myself physically and realize that WOW! Exercise can be fun! I found myself addicted to the sweat and pain of bootcamp, the tire flips and the burpees and the TRX and lunges. But also the love and support I got out of every workout. We built more than muscles, we built friendships. I wanted to bring that to Boulder and with the encouragement of my good friend Kato, Rock Solid Babes Bootcamp was born. Boulder is the most amazing place to get outside and play, with the Flatirons as the back drop and the grass as your  gym mat, blue sky as your ceiling. At every WOD (workout of the day) we will push and challenge ourselves to see what we are physically cable of and mindfully observe and appreciate our commitment to ourselves and eachother.

What is your sport of choice?

Any activity I can enjoy whilst immersed in nature, such as yoga, rock climbing and cross-fit style workouts, combines the cleansing power of exercise with the absorption of natures energy. These sports can also be done solitarily or socially which make it perfect for times when it’s hard to get  a group together to workout.

What’s your motivation to keep at it?

Honestly it’s the women that text me and say, “hey can we do bootcamp tomorrow?” that gets me to the park. It is very hard for me to self-motivate to exercise, it feels so good to be lazy. But these babes are commited to themselves and so I am, so we make it to the park and we do our workout because we know we’ll feel and look great afterwards, and we do! Remembering that post-workout high and how much fun spending time with these amazing girls is what motivates me.

Where is your favorite place to play outside?

Scott carpenter park has served as an really nice gym the past few months for Rock Solid Babes Bootcamp. The view of the Flatirons is breathtaking, there’s sufficient trees for shade, and the bees usually leave us alone. Outside and around Nederland is quite fun to explore on a nice day and I’ve done a bit of camping up there as well.

What advice can you share to help other women stay motivated?

Designate and commit to a partner or group of women that can hold you accountable, motivate you to come to bootcamp, encourage you to challenge yourself. You can even have shared goals, like together were going to do 100 burpees! Or we will run 2 times a week! And once you have someone counting on you, well it’s no longer just you your laziness affects. So find a bootcamp buddy and commit! Also set and write down manageable goals and reward yourself for achieving them. Share your goals and accomplishments with others, you never know who you will inspire or motivate.