FAST 5 | with Liz West | Founder Vixxen Racing

What is Vixxen Racing?

Vixxen Racing is more than a triathlon team, we are an identity for women embracing how hard they have worked to be where they are, to support and challenge one other, and strive to achieve their personal best.

What inspired you to start it?

Vixxen really did start as an idea on a napkin at a coffee shop. I felt like I was lacking an identity as an athlete. There are so many women’s teams out there that encourage you to “tri” and tell you that that’s good enough, but there weren’t any groups telling you to strive to be the best; that it is okay to want to be the best. Everyone was saying to be bad ass, but we’re showing you what they meant. I wanted to bring women together to build each other up to be better than we ever would be without each other.

How do you manage work | life | training?

This challenge is something that really makes the Vixxens who we are. We are women with families and demanding jobs and have to work to find the balance in all things. Each athlete has to tackle this differently and being on the same page and having the support from your partner is key, as is having realistic expectations of yourself. Most of us have had to learn, probably the hard way, what is too much and how to keep triathlon as a positive element in our lives, and not something that increases our stress level.

What is your favorite distance triathlon?

This is a hard one to answer for the team, so I will say personally that I love the 70.3 and 140.6 IM distance races, there is something about going long that really makes you discover who you are.
We have athletes racing all distances and off road. This year the Ironman 70.3 World Championships is hosting the men’s and women’s races on different days, so we were excited to get our own day of racing and made that our team focus for the year.

What’s your best piece of advice for women doing their first triathlon?

Have fun and embrace the moment. As cheesy as it is, you really only get to do your first triathlon once. All of those experiences are new and novel and you will never get that again. When it get’s hard, remember to smile and think about all of the reasons that got you to sign up to race.
Vixxen Racing is launching ‘Find Your Feisty‘, a mentoring program for female triathletes. ¬†They will kick it off at outdoor DIVAS on May 11th during the Women’s Triathlon Clinic.