Hands down, buying season is one of the most exciting times of the year ( ok…second to ski season…but a close second)! I’m just back from outdoor retailer, and reeling with inspiration from all of the new companies and products overflowing the walls of the Salt Palace. A couple of the biggest trends from summer market… TRENDS IN THE OUTDOOR INDUSTRY Electronics outside No unplugging required to go outside these days.  Electronics can, apparently, do everything for you in the great outdoors these days. You can track how far, fast and high you go.  Plot your course on a map, topo or satellite style. Check the weather, locate stars. Monitor your heart rate, calculate the calories you’re burning, and listen to music if you so desire. And all the while, use a solar charger to charge your device in a waterproof case, that is touch screen active. Made in America. …Continue Reading
The beauty of the  Brooks Adrenaline ASR running shoe is it goes both ways! How often do you have to run on the road to get to the trail. Pretty much every day… right?  A quarter of a mile, a half a mile…what ever the distance…it adds up.  If you’re just wearing a trail shoe you’re sacrificing on the cushioning your body wants. Yet, if you wear a road shoe, you’re apt to find yourself slip sliding down the trail.  Enter the ASR from Brooks. You get cushioning for the road, traction for the trail…and a water resistant outer to keep you dry. We think it’s one of the most versatile women’s running shoe on the market. There’s nothing quite like lacing up for a cool morning run in the fall. Shop >
After Glow by Philips Sweetgrass Productions has done it again with their soon to be released “After Glow.” It’s the very first film that’s shot COMPLETELY in the dark. Yes ladies and gentlemen, complete and utter darkness. It was sponsored by Philips to go beyond the ordinary and holy cow did they succeed in a big way (warning: goosebumps my ensue). Powder fields are filled with a sea of rainbows to highlight the beauty of the skier and their surroundings in the lands of British Columbia and Alaska. It’s worth a watch. So check it out! For more information on the film: http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/media/film/The-Media-Is-the-Message.html
Pretty Faces, an all-female documentary ski film debuts at the Boulder Theater on September 30th. It was conceptualized by pro-skier and SheJumps co- founder, Lynsey Dyer. Here we feature an interview with Dyer as told to writer and Eldora Women’s Program director, Krista Crabtree. Q: Where did you grow up and who got you into skiing? A: Sun Valley Idaho, my parents got me into the sport. Q: What was the first ski movie you ever remember watching? A: Warren Miller with my family. Q: What was your first filming experience like? A: It was with TGR and I landed some big airs. Q: Did you form Unicorn Picnic yourself? Who else is involved? A: I created it, but many have supported from the production company to everyone from Kickstarter to the girls/athletes who believed in me. Q: Why do you think men have dominated the ski movie industry? A:…Continue Reading
Abby Paffrath is an artist out of Jackson Hole Wyoming.  She customizes hats with her inspiring artwork so all can see and holy cow are they AWESOME. We interviewed Ms. Pathrath and here’s what she had to say ….  You’re an artist, what inspired you to put your art on hats? I was inspired to start printing some of my original art onto hats to make my art accessible to all who connect to my work, and share my love for the outdoors. I would much rather see my art traveling, adventuring, on top of mountains, in different countries, and down rivers than locked up is somebody’s second home guest room. Art 4 All! What has been your biggest challenge as an artist? I love being an artist! But it can be very difficult at times. As an artist you put your heart out there everyday for people to criticize  and judge. …Continue Reading
This is my second year doing the sprint triathlon with Outdoor Divas. All of their staff are confident and know how to help first-timers get prepared and get excited for the race. Just getting comfortable with the basics of how to register, how to prepare, and when to show up for the race is a bit overwhelming for someone who is new to racing! The swim clinics are great as well as the pre-race training support and information meetings. More information always helps me feel better about what I’m getting myself into! The race day itself is well-organized, well-sponsored, and fortunately the weather was perfect the past two years. To be able to race with only women, I think, helps more new racers get out and conquer a multiple sport event. There’s quite a bit to a triathlon in terms of getting all the right gear, clothes, and accessories ready…Continue Reading
Ang Choti Sherpa is the founder of Everest Skirts. What is the inspiration behind Everest Designs? I would say the inspiration comes from the men and women I work with in Nepal. Our design process is very collaborative. I am fortunate to work with a very talented crew– some of the best people in Nepal work with Everest Designs.
Come support SuperMax and the MaxLove Project! Show your support and stand up to childhood cancer. Help SuperMax reach his 100-mile Loom Chain Goal. Loom in advance: start now and join us with your loom creations on Sept. 6th! Get friends and family to sposnor and support your loom efforts or sell your loom creations at our Loomonade stand on the day of the event. Come loom it up with us!