Live in Colorado? It’s time to start thinking about ski season passes! With so many passes that are changing yearly, choosing your season pass for the winter can become a difficult choice. We curated a list of the top Coloradan ski season passes just for you. Now bite the bullet and get a pass. Prices go up the longer you wait, and let’s be honest, skiing is the best and you won’t regret it!
How did you create Momentum jewelry? Like so many moments of clarity, the spark for Momentum came at an unexpected time. I was at the gym, doing a seemingly never-ending plank, when I looked down at my blank wrist and realized how great it would be to have something encouraging there. The idea for our Motivate Wrap was born and I haven’t looked back since!
What inspired you to launch Coeur? I was co-founder at another women’s tri clothing company but really wanted to create something that was about more than just pushing clothes. So I started Coeur as a means to both design awesome clothes AND create a platform for supporting and inspiring women in endurance sports.
What inspired you to launch Sweet Spot Skirts? As a result of needing to cover my “sweet spot” while working high end real estate and commuting on my bike. Most athletic things have a sweet spot; tennis racket, golf club, baseball and actually even a surfboard has a sweet spot. The bigger story is on a webpage and tells with more humor and detail 🙂
We’re proud to be American! We’re even prouder of our brands that keep production right here at home. Here they are ladies and gentleman. Let’s give them a pat on the back!
[bandi wear founders– Beth & Bev] What inspired you to launch BANDI Bands? The two of us (Beth and Bev) were both looking for better ways to carry our phones and other small items while out and about.  Beth was training for a half marathon and just upgraded to a smart phone and wanted it with her for the training gps, music, and safety.  Bev was taking a break from a full time career to spend more time with family and started taking daily power walks.  We happened to discuss our common frustration with how to manage our phones/money/key, and the lack of attractive items on the market.  An idea was born and after many months of development, we launched BANDI in the spring of 2012. What has been your biggest challenge as a start up? We think the biggest challenge has been deciding how quickly to grow the business, determining staffing and managing…Continue Reading
What inspired you to launch Shredly? I searched for two summers for new riding shorts and didn’t find anything I liked….and I can justify buying almost anything! I was having so much fun getting into a new bike and discovering new trials but didn’t feel like I could find any clothing that was just as much fun. It felt like something was missing from my riding adventures to put on the same boring clothes time and time again. Now I get excited not only to ride but when deciding which pair of SHREDLYs to wear…the adventure starts the moment I get dressed! How did you come up with the name? My girlfriend actually came up with it. It was originally SHREDLY…For Girly Chicks Who Ride. But for obvious reasons we dropped the tagline and kept the name. And, no, it’s not just for girly chicks but we certainly took the…Continue Reading